A Cruise Trip to Naples with Your Travel Cruise Kits

When it comes to visiting the port city of Naples, Italy, many people have different views regarding this place. If you are planning to visit the city in 2022 then you must carry your cruise travel kits along with some other precautions to stay safe from the Omicron virus during the trip.

Most of the people who have visited this town for the very first time have fallen in love with the city because of its beauty, architecture, history, rich legacy, and culture.

Moreover, the native residents of the city are known for their hospitality and friendly nature. There are many things to know about this city especially when you are a first-timer. 

1)   Learning its history

All those who are willing to start their tour of the city must begin with knowing about the city by learning about its history first. The local people of this port city call themselves Napoletanos and speak Neopolitan.

As a tourist, you can visit a tiny island adjacent to the cruise ship’s dock connected to a local legend.

According to the locals, it’s said that a beautiful mermaid goddess called Parthenope washed ashore on that island and gave the entire city its name.

Naples is also known as the site known for the escape of Odysseus from the sirens during his ten-year journey after the end of the Trojan War.

2) Paying a visit to the Naples Underground

The ‘Naples Underground’ is the creation of the Roman Empire. You can see evidence of that today. This is one of those fascinating sightseeing experiences you will ever have-The Naples Underground. Visitors go deep under the city to see remnants of the old Naples in Nero’s time.

He created a theater where he was the star. Attendees were required to applaud on penalty of death. A very pregnant lady was not allowed to leave and supposedly birthed her child during the performance.

To reach the theatre, you will have to go down 400 steps below while getting squeezed through the narrow passages and watch where all the residents protected from the bombing in World War II. Neglected for many years, it was restored to its former glory in 1960.

Even if you know very little English, you can somehow manage to share your life stories with other tourists. This theatre is located on the left side of town as you exit the dock.


3)   Enjoy the city of gastronomy starting with pizza

While wandering on the buzzing streets of Naples with your cruise travel medicine kit, you will have both time and money to visit numerous restaurants in the city.

The city of Naples is the birthplace of Margherita Pizza. You should try a slice during your tour by visiting any Pizzeria of your choice.

A chef named Pietro created a simple pizza out of tomato sauce, mozzarella and a sprig of basil that people all over the world still enjoy eating. But anyway, you must try it.

American Pizza is quite different from Italian Pizza. Moreover, the Italian version of Pizza is floppy whenever compared with the American version.

The proper way to eat the Italian Pizza is to roll it up and bite off a piece. You can also order your pizza with your family members at a restaurant across from the dock.

You will get a nice treat at night from the guards at the port. You can also go for bruschetta along with Pizza. You can eat both Margherita Pizza and bruschetta at several restaurants in Naples.

You are never going to have a bad experience after visiting this city and we can guarantee that you are going to come back again to visit the colorful city with your family on your next trip.


4)   Visiting & spending time at Fort Castel Sant’Elmo

Visiting this huge fort with your family and cruise medicine kit for travel sits high on a hill above town, visible from your cruise ship deck or the dock.

Robert of Anjou starts the construction of the fort in the year 1329 and over the years various rulers added, updated, and remodeled until this star-shaped structure became virtually invincible. The structure is enormous and capable of housing over 3,000 soldiers.

If you get there on your foot with a good road map. It’s an uphill climb but will give you sights into the lives of the locals. By walking separately, you along with your family will be able to find the funicular.

The most suitable way is to exit the dock and go across the street on the walkway next to the Castel Nuovo stop and look around while passing by the men who are selling items on blankets. For your information, doing so is illegal in Naples.

When you reach the end of the road, turn right and you will get straight to the main shopping area just around the corner on Corso Umberto I, as it is known as the Funicular station too.

Here, you can get your one-way tickets and remember to validate them each time you enter or exit. Furthermore, riding the car, all the way to the end will take only a few minutes.

The skyline view of the city of Naples is incredible after watching it from Castel Sant’Elmo. Around the castle, you can detour into the shopping area covered with good restaurants, flower shops along a large grocery store.


5)   Shopping & roaming in the backstreets of Naples

Besides, exploring the food, history, and cultural heritage of Naples City, you can also go shopping and wander around the streets as Naples is also known as the shopper’s paradise.

While carrying the cruise medicine travel kit you can wander on the streets of Naples and visit different shops that offer a range of prices for different types of items and shopping merchandise.

Moreover, some of these shops explicitly display advertising boards showcasing items with different affordable rates such as 5, 10 & 15 dollars.

In case, if you are on a trip to Naples with your daughter then you can buy her some clothes of her choice that are available at affordable prices.

There are several stores in downtown Naples such as Via Chiaia that have both high & low-end stores with lots of products, goods, and accessories that you can purchase and take back home at your expense.

 Besides just shopping and wandering with your family members, you can also befriend and connect easily with the friendly locals and let them share with you their knowledge about their life inside Naples.

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