How to get Dubai Visit Visa from India

Dubai is a must-see destination for every travel junkie. The city has everything from thrilling adventures, world-famous architecture, desert safaris, shopping destinations, wow attractions, and whatnot. Listed as one of the most visited cities in the world, Dubai has something for everyone. To explore and witness all these attractions, Indian travelers should obtain a Dubai visa online, and to obtain your visa, you must go through several procedures.

Do Indians need a Dubai visa?

Yes, any applicant residing in any part of India must apply for a Dubai visa. However, applicants with valid UK, US, Schengen, or many others do not require a separate UAE (Dubai) visa. They can enter Dubai directly with these countries’ visas, fill up a form upon arrival, and avail visa on arrival, which is valid for up to 14 days.

Dubai Visa Types

The government of the UAE offers various visas based on the purpose of your trip and the number of days you wish to live in Dubai. A Dubai visit visa enables you to perform multiple tasks, whereas a Dubai tourist visa limits the tasks you intend to do.

A tourist visa is a subcategory of the Dubai Visit visa and is based on the purpose and period of your visit. These are the types of Dubai visas.

Dubai Tourist visa: Obtained solely for tourism.

The 14 days Single entry visa: if you have this type of visa, you are permitted to stay in Dubai for 14 days from the date of entry at the airport for both tourism and business purposes with a valid passport of two months.

The 30 days of a single entry: this type of Dubai visa will let you stay in Dubai for 30 days for both tourism and long-term business trips and not more than that.

48-hour and 96-hour transit visas: They are non-extendable and usually obtained for business or long-haul stopovers.

The 90 days visit visa: this visa allows you to stay in Dubai for 90 days for both recreational and business trips.

Multi-entry short-term/long-term visa: These visas allow you to enter the city multiple times, mostly reserved for business travel. The stay period for a short-term Dubai visa is 30 days, and for a long-term Dubai, the visa is 90 days.

How can I apply for a Dubai Visit Visa?

You must follow the necessary procedures while obtaining your Dubai visit visa. But do not worry; our guide will make your visa application an easy-peasy process.

Get your documents

Your original passport must be valid for at least six months. In the case of an online application, scanned color copies of your passport will need to be submitted.

Application form, duly signed and completed without errors.

A recent photograph clicked within six months against a white background.

A copy of your bank statement demonstrates that you have sufficient funds to stay in Dubai.

The travel itinerary consists of travel dates, hotel reservations, copies of flight tickets, and others.

Proof of address (if applicable).

A letter from the sponsor residing in Dubai (if applicable)

Before you apply for a Dubai visa, ensure you comply with the requirements for a Dubai visa.

Pay for your visa.

After you obtain all the required documents, you will proceed to make the payment for your visa. Certain agencies may charge extra for their services. So, the fee may vary.

Visa Type

Visa fee (INR)

Express price (INR)

48-hours transit visa



96-hours transit visa



14 days service visa



30 days single entry visa



30 days multiple entry visa



90 days single entry tourist visa



90 days multiple entrytourist visa



Please note that the mentioned prices are subject to change. The government and immigration authorities of the UAE possess all the rights to change the price as and when required.

How is the Dubai visit visa different from the Dubai tourist visa?

As mentioned above, a tourist visa is a subcategory of a visit visa. There is not any major difference between the visas. A visit visa enables you to stay up to 90 days with an original passport valid for six months, whereas a tourist visa allows you to stay up to 14/30 with an extension of a maximum of 40 days, for which the passport valid is two months.

Approval of the Dubai visa

The approval process can take up to 3–4 working days. In the event of your rejection, you will

be informed by the authorities.

Being a city in the Middle East, Dubai flaunts itself as one of the most visited cities in the world. So go ahead and plan your trip to Dubai because you can easily obtain your Dubai Visit visa by following our guide.

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