Humayun tomb world heritage site

Humayu tomb world heritage site

Humayun’s tomb a historical place  Nila Gumbad build in the 1530’s, is one of the earliest.Humayun tomb world heritage site 

Mughal era monuments build in delhi.In 2017,Nila Gumbad was

declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Monument  as a part of 

the extended Humayun’s tomb world heritage site, This site is really amazing,Humayun’s tomb a historical place.



How look like Humayun’s Tomb at midnight

at midnight the white marble dome of Humayun 

tomb tower 100ft over the  Delhi night sky,having lit by LED 

luminaires in a manner that mimics and enhance the effect of moonlight


The complex has two doors worked with two stories found on the western and southern side of the complex. The southern door was the imperial passage, which is now shut to open. The upper floor of the door holds a little patio. Enter through the western entryway to get to the mosque inside the complex. Close to the mosque, the tomb of Humayun’s preferred hair stylist lies. It is called the vault of hair stylist. The tomb is worked with red sandstones, rubble workmanship and marble. It is adorned with cross section screens. There is a plinth, which holds in excess of hundred tombstones. umayun’s first wife was a Persian from Khorasan and a daughter of Humayun’s maternal uncle. She was also called Haji Begum, probably because she had gone on the Haj to Mecca. During Humayun’s reign, she appears in history at the Battle of Chausa, where the harem was captured by Sher Khan.Humayun’s tomb a historical place, a boat carrying women capsized and her young daughter, Aqiqa Begum, was drowned. 


The tomb of Humayun has a twofold vault, which is secured with white marble on the external layer. You can discover curves, latticework and other intriguing Persian style compositional components here. Inside the tomb, an octagonal mausoleum is available with a cenotaph inside internment chamber. The leader of the head is set confronting the Mecca. The genuine body of the sovereign is situated in an underground load directly beneath the cenotaph. Passage to the underground is limited.

humayu tomb front



Entrance  fee: Rs 40 per indian and Rs 600 per foreigner   

Visiting time :10am To 9pm

Nearest metro station: jawahar lal nehru stadium



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