India Emerging As Hub for Medical Tourists

Almost everyone might come across travelling for leisure, travelling for business, travelling for a wedding but have you heard about travelling for medical treatment? Nowadays, Medical tourism has grown as one of the top industries, especially in India. It is shown that the Indian medical tourism industry is growing with each passing year. Many people travel to get the best of medical services and treatments for their wellbeing. Now patients choose a destination that offers a complete package of quality world-class treatment, affordable travelling and competitive pricing. Here is some information on how India is becoming Hub for Medical Tourists.

Current State of Indian Medical Tourism

Crores of people travelling to different countries for better medical treatment forms the medical tourism sector. Out of the top 46 countries, India is ranked 10th in the medical Tourism Association. Reputed multispecialty hospitals, comparative cost benefits and high standards of hospitality and care are some competitive advantages of India. With qualified doctors and paramedical staff, India is attracting medical tourists from other parts of the world.

What makes India a leading Medical Tourism Destination?

To establish itself as a medical tourism destination, the country needs a world-class healthcare ecosystem and proven prowess to conduct superlative medical procedures. Here are some factors that make Indian healthcare services a medical tourist magnet.

International level healthcare services

With many states of the art, India is offering Treatment across specialities. Hospitals in India has a strong health infrastructure with the latest technologies required to conduct complex medical procedures. Hospitals have exceptional facilities for post-operative care and are managed by a highly skilled and adept healthcare workforce. There are many Joint Commission International (JCI) accredited hospitals and National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and healthcare providers (NABH) accredited hospitals in India. The outcome of hospitals in India is comparable to those at internationally recognized facilities.

Superlative Allied Sectors

India has advanced healthcare services and robust allied sectors to offer the best service to people worldwide. Other than a good hospital, it takes more to deliver quality treatment. Hospitals in India have a strong pharmaceutical and diagnostic sector and focus on medical R&D. Various Indian medical assistance start-ups connects patients searching for medical procedures with hospitals worldwide. It is the best and right healthcare provider with trusted information globally.

The healthcare offered in India is one of the best globally and at a very considerable cost too. For example Kidney transplant in India will cost a patient comparatively lower than the cost for same surgery in many other countries like USA and UK. Also, India has huge healthcare workers with good specialization and expertise. Patients from worldwide are benefiting from the service offered by India.

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