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Top 10 Best Summer Travel Tips for Staying at Resorts

Have you already booked a resort for vacation this summer? Great. You might have purchased a travel plan for your mobile phone as well since the local Spectrum internet plans don’t offer overseas coverage. Your trip will become more exciting if you know how to make the most out of the resort you are staying at.

Resorts truly offer us the opportunity to relax but only if we plan everything the right way. These tips for staying at resorts will improve your experience big time:

Consider the Transportation

First of all, you need to ask if your resort offers a free shuttle from the airport. If not, then you will have to arrange the ride on your own. However, if they do, then make a reservation because taxi rides can be expensive.

Keep Your Valuables in a Safe Place

We all travel with items that are too precious and that doesn’t just include our passports. First thing you do when you check into your resort is to see if you have an in-room safe. Some resorts even offer safes that you can rent out at the front desk. Inquire about them. The moment you arrive, lock your travel documents or any other precious item.

Know What to Pack

What items to pack primarily depends on where you are staying. If the resort has a beach, you will definitely need swimwear and a pair of flip flops. On the other hand, if it’s a tropical place, it may get cold and windy so bring a jacket or sweatshirt. Most resorts have umbrellas in the room so it’s not necessary to bring them.

Bring Your Own Sunblock

If you are traveling to a southern country, the sun there is vastly different from that in your home. The rays are stronger so you better have sunblock with a higher SPF. Those who will be spending most of their day outside in the sun, you must apply sunblock more than often. Buy at least 2 bottles so that you don’t run out of it half-way through your holidays. Of course, you can buy one from here too but in that case, be prepared to pay a premium price.

Ask About the Dress Code

Some resorts have a specific dress code for men and women. Get yourself familiar with it and do your best to abide by it as well.

Take It Easy With the Food

Foodies will be thrilled to see a variety of options in food. Remember that different foods are made from different oils. When too much variety goes inside your body all of a sudden, it will react. And you don’t want it to happen the very first day. So go easy on the food.

Apart from this, assess the situation of the restaurants. Resorts may have a number of spots to eat but it doesn’t mean you will be allowed in all them. Some spots, particularly the ones for dinner, require a reservation. Some of the premium spots might require an upcharge. To stay out of trouble, ask about these things before booking your stay.

Check the Weather Forecast

Check the weather of your destination. If it’s calling for rain, bring your raincoat and boots. If the evenings are expected to get cooler, bring a sweater. Never assume that you will get perfect weather like the one you saw in the photos. In other words, pack according to the weather.

Tips Are Not Always Included

Some resorts include tips in the upfront cost but not all of them do that. Just in case, bring a small amount of cash for tipping. You will find plenty of opportunities to make someone’s day by tipping them.

Try Everything That’s Included

In addition to drinking and eating, try all the activities inclusive in the resort’s package. Since you have paid for it, why not try everything. Squeeze all the fun possible so that you go home with a bunch of great memories.

Make the Most of It

Let’s be real, not everything in the resort will be perfect. If you are disappointed by the food or anything else, don’t just sit there and pout. Focus on the things that you enjoyed. After all, you have spent a good amount of money on the vacation, don’t let it go to waste.

I am sure you already have done the math in picking the resort just like users usually do when it comes to picking an Internet service provider (Frontier vs Spectrum, for instance). If it’s the first time you are staying at a resort, it’s hoped you have a great experience.



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