5 Things You Didn’t Know About Henley Middle School

Henley Middle School

In my time as the Principal at Henley Middle School, I have learned several things that not all students and parents are aware of. I’ve decided to share my knowledge in this blog post so that everyone can benefit from it. Here are five things you didn’t know about Henley Middle School!

1) Henley Middle School is the oldest school in the district.

Henley Middle School is the oldest school in the district. It was originally called Centerville and it was not until 1903 that it became an official school. In 1913, a new building was constructed to house grades one through eight.

The building still stands today, but has been remodeled several times over the years. The first grade level to attend this new building graduated in 1916. The school’s mascot is a lion, and its colors are royal blue and silver grey. In 2003, a book of memories was compiled by Principal Roy French to commemorate 100 years of excellence. There are currently 906 students enrolled at Henley Middle School and 56 teachers on staff.
The campus includes 6 tennis courts, 3 outdoor basketball courts (2 lighted), 7 outdoor volleyball courts (4 lighted), 1 sand volleyball court (lighted), 2 batting cages, 2 full-size soccer fields, 1 football field with 4 baseball fields around it, 1 softball field with 4 t-ball fields around it. For cross country meets the school uses Eisenhower Park located just outside town.

2) The school was originally built for grades 7 and 8.

Henley Middle school was built in the early 1900s and originally opened its doors to grades 7 and 8. The original building is still on site today, but has been remodeled and expanded. Today, it houses grades 6 through 8. The school was first named Lodi High School, which was later changed to Lodi Union High School in 1910.

When the new high school was built in 1952, the old high school became Henley Junior High for grades 7-8. In 1967, as a result of overcrowding at the middle school level, it became an elementary (grades 5-6) and middle (grades 7-8) school. It was renamed back to Henley Elementary School until the 1978-79 school year when all schools were reorganized by grade levels, so it went back to being called Henley Middle School.

3) The school was named after former Superintendent Edwin Henley.

Henley Middle School has an enrollment of approximately 500 students, with grades 6 through 8.
It is located in the city of Newport News, Virginia. The school was named after former Superintendent Edwin Henley. Henley started his career as a teacher and later served as assistant principal at Huntington Junior High before becoming superintendent of the Newport News Public Schools system. In 1983, he became the first African American to lead a public school system in Virginia and one of the youngest superintendents in the country, retiring from his post at age 41 to care for his wife who had cancer.

He died four years later. The Henley community service club volunteers at the Salvation Army during Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons, collecting food and toys for those less fortunate than themselves. They also collect canned goods that they donate to the A&M Food Pantry on Route 17, which assists families that are experiencing temporary financial difficulty or need assistance with transportation when visiting a grocery store or restaurant.

Henley Middle School offers Spanish classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays to all sixth grade students enrolled in their program, regardless of ability level.
There are three options for taking foreign language courses at Henley: Spanish, French, or German (offered as a fifth-year course).

4) The school mascot is the Hornets.

Henley Middle School’s mascot is the hornet. The school colors are black and gold. They have a zero tolerance policy, which means they don’t tolerate violence, drugs, or alcohol on their campus. The school day starts at 8:00 am and ends at 2:30 pm for students in grades 6-8. For elementary students (grades 3-5) the day begins at 9:00 am and ends at 1:45 pm.

I’m sure you’re wondering about tuition rates. If you live in an area where there is no district tuition rate, then your home district will set one for your child to attend Henley Middle School based on income level. If you live outside of that area, then it will be $1,375 per year to send your child to this school starting with the 2018/2019 school year!

5) The school’s colors are green and white.

Henley Middle school is a public school in the town of McLean. The school’s colors are green and white, making it stand out from the other schools in the area. Henley has a long tradition of excellence in academics, fine arts and athletics that is rooted deep in its rich history.

Its top-notch reputation attracts students from all over the region who want to attend a high-quality school with an exceptional faculty. If you’re considering a middle school for your child or if you’re looking for more information about the school, please contact Henley Middle School at (703) 227-3700