5 Tips to Get More Power out of Your Equipment


If you’re going to buy power equipment, it’s important to understand how they work so you can get the most out of them. With these five tips, you’ll be able to get more value out of your money when buying any piece of power equipment in the future.

Learn how your equipment works

It’s easy to take for granted that you know how your equipment works. However, home expert agree it’s a good idea to get familiar with how your equipment works. Go through all of its settings, understand what each one does and see what different variations there are. This will give you more confidence when using your machinery, as you’ll better understand exactly how they work and which ones are best suited for different situations. It also allows you to troubleshoot issues in a quick manner and often times gives access to functionality most people aren’t aware is available; this is especially true when it comes to smart technology-equipped tools like power drills or pressure washers. And, who knows?

Use it correctly

Follow these tips from a home expert and you’ll have power equipment that works as hard as you do. By: Home Expert Title: Home Expert, Name Here (optional) Link (optional) Title: 5 Tips to Get More Power out of Your Equipment Home experts know that getting more power from your equipment means doing some simple maintenance on it. You can get more life out of your lawnmower by changing its oil regularly, or make sure your snowblower starts up on cold mornings by using fuel stabilizer during storage. If you want maximum performance when using any type of home power equipment, follow these five simple steps to make sure everything is in working order before each use. 1.) Check for loose bolts and tighten them if necessary: Loose bolts can cause damage over time and lead to problems with how your machine operates.

 Keep it clean and maintained

A clean, well-maintained machine performs better and lasts longer. The same is true for your power equipment. When it’s time for a tune-up or maintenance service, don’t settle for just any repair shop; Anderson Outdoor Power Equipment has been providing top quality products and services since 1947. At Anderson Outdoor Power Equipment, our service technicians will check your entire engine, including belts, pulleys and spark plugs, as well as cleaning oil ports and filters. They’ll also take a look at critical components like your battery and starter cables to ensure they’re in good shape before winter hits.

Take care while using it

While your equipment is engineered for a certain level of use, it doesn’t mean you should exceed it. For example, chainsaws can typically cut around 3-4 cords per day without experiencing a loss in power and performance. However, if you spend eight hours a day, every day cutting firewood, it won’t take long before your saw isn’t up to par. You risk damaging your machine and injuring yourself if you try cutting too much wood at one time. To get more out of your equipment while helping it last longer, exercise caution while using it.

Follow safety rules

In addition to avoiding injury, think about how you can maximize your power equipment’s potential and get more work done in less time. Anderson Outdoor Power Equipment suggests considering a few tips that can keep you safe and productive. Here are five great pieces of advice for how to use power equipment for every project. Start small: If you’re new to using power equipment, start with something easy like a weed whacker or chainsaw before moving onto larger machinery like tractors or wood chippers. The more comfortable you become with each piece of machinery, the easier it will be to tackle bigger projects later on. Be prepared: Before starting any project, read all instructions carefully and have safety gear on hand (gloves, goggles, ear protection). Read safety labels: It sounds simple but many people forget!  Stay hydrated: Working outside is hard work so make sure you stay hydrated by bringing plenty of water along with you while working outside or grabbing some when it’s break time!