Bamboo Shelf For Bathroom: How Do I Make A Bamboo Shelf?

Three bamboo toothbrushes with toothpaste in a row on a white table in the bathroom.

Do you want to bring nature into your bathroom? Would you like to make something yourself, just so it’s unique and special to you? Well, I know just the thing – Bamboo Shelf for Bathroom – and it couldn’t be easier to make! See how to make one in this article.

What is a bamboo shelf?

A bamboo shelf is an attractive way to store items in your bathroom, like towels, toiletries or other necessities. Topbambooproducts has a variety of different styles and sizes of bamboo shelves for bathrooms available for purchase, with prices ranging from $19.99-$64.99 USD. These bamboo shelves are durable enough to hold heavy items without buckling and can be cut down to size by using a miter saw or circular saw if they don’t fit the space you have allotted for them. The shelves are easy to install with either screws or glue, depending on what type of surface they will be installed on.

Why use bamboo for shelves in the bathroom?

Wooden shelves in the bathroom might seem like a good idea, but they can get gross and harbor bacteria. That’s why bamboo is a great option for bathroom storage – it’s sturdy, holds up well to moisture, and won’t fall apart. Topbambooproducts has everything you need to make your own bamboo shelf in the bathroom. All you have to do is purchase your materials from our website, follow our easy instructions and be on your way!

How do I make a bamboo shelf?

The Topbambooproducts bamboo shelf for bathroom is a simple and effective way to store your bathroom essentials without taking up much space. Our bamboo shelving system comes in many different sizes, is easy to assemble, and it won’t chip or warp with use. The shelves are perfect for storing cleaning supplies, toiletries, towels, or makeup. Here’s how to make your own!

To create a medium-sized bamboo shelf (8x6x14 inches), you’ll need four pieces of 1×3 inch thick bamboo at least 14 inches long and one piece of 2×2 inch thick bamboo at least 6 inches long. Cut the 4 pieces of 1×3 inch bamboo into two lengths that will fit on the back side of the shelf, at 10 inches and 18 inches long. Cut the 2×2 inch thick bamboo into two lengths that will fit on the back side of the shelf, at 3 inches and 9 inches long. Use screws to attach these 4 pieces onto the bottom side of each other on either end so that they form an 8-inch by 12-inch rectangle. Repeat this process for both sides. You should have two rectangles made from six 10-inch boards stacked on top of each other like a staircase now.

Tips for making the perfect bamboo shelf

Buy a 1×2 board. Cut it to the desired size. You can make your shelf as big or small as you want, but make sure you know what size you want before buying the board because they’re not always cut to size.

Cut a piece of bamboo that is long enough to cover the width of the 1×2. The length of this piece will depend on how high you want your shelf, but it should be at least 1/2 inch longer than the width of your board so that both ends stick out past each edge for easier nailing.

Nail one side of the bamboo to one end of the 1×2. Nail two more pieces onto either end, spacing them evenly apart.