Best Ways to Find Stolen or Lost Phones in 2022-2023


Loss or theft of a mobile phone is one of the common occurrences after which the problem of saving or deleting its data makes the user very worried. But now you don’t have to worry about this problem. In a very simple way, you can not only find the location of your Android phone, but also delete the data in it if necessary. If you leave your phone at home and forget it, you can ask someone to call you, but if it’s lost or stolen outside the home, it may take a little more help to find it.

How to locate your stolen or lost phone. It happens many times that we lose our phone or many times in our own house we don’t remember where we left it last time and sometimes when we go out somewhere it can be stolen. To solve this problem, Google has introduced a simple method in which the owner of the phone can find his Android phone and erase all the data. This feature is for Find My Device.

Find My Device Option

There are a few things to keep in mind for using this option. This requires your phone to be turned on and signed in to a Google account. Phone must be connected to mobile data or Wi-Fi; location must be turned on. It is also important that the Find My Device option should also be turned on.

Follow these steps: First go to The Blogger Zone and sign in to your Google account, if you have more than one phone, click on the missing phone at the top of the screen. If you have more than one user profile in your phone, then sign in with the Google account that will be present on the main profile, then the lost phone will receive a notification.

On google map you will get information about your phone and you will see the location of the phone where it is and if still your phone is not found then you will see its last location.

Complete Process to Find Mobile Device

After phone location is turned on you will get these options, Play Sound: You can ring your phone at full volume for up to 5 minutes, whether it’s set to silent or vibrate. Skewer Device: Lock your phone with a PIN, pattern or password, if you don’t have a lock you can set, including a message or phone number on the lock screen to help someone return the phone to you. can do. Erase Device: This can permanently delete all the data on your phone but leave the SD card data intact, after which the Find My Device feature will not work.

The easiest way to find a lost mobile phone: If you are a working person or going out for shopping, take care of your mobile phones. Because many times it happens that you forget your phone somewhere or it gets stolen or it is said that the phone is lost. If this has ever happened to you and you want to find your lost phone, take special care of the following. The ‘Find My Device’ feature is automatically turned on whenever you log in to your Google Account on an Android device. Google’s free ‘Find My Device’ is a feature that helps you locate a device when it’s lost or locked or deleted even if the phone is missing.

How to Check that the Find My Device Feature is Turned on?

For this purpose, go to the phone settings, then security and location and find my device option to see the current status. If your device doesn’t have location or security options, check the current status by going to Google, then Security, and here the Find My Device option. After reaching the Find My Device option through either of these two means, if you see it turned off, click it and turn on Find My Device. For this, search on your computer by typing

Select your phone and make sure the options Play Sound, Secure Device and Erase Device are present and turned on. This is the best way to find any Android device that can be followed to protect the phone and data if needed.

When Mobile Phone is Lost or Stolen then Just do this one Thing

 In this age of technology, the loss of a mobile phone has become the biggest shock for any person and often the reason for this shock is not the expensiveness of the mobile phone, but the data contained in it, the phone number. And other important things happen. However, Android and Apple phone users can avoid this shock if they take some precautions. According to report, people who are using Apple iPhones must know their Apple ID with which they signed up their phone. If your iPhone gets lost, it’s the only thing that can help you find it.

After saving the ID, you can go to the settings and enable the feature of ‘Find my iPhone’. By turning on this feature, you will be able to track the phone through GPS if it is lost. Here’s how to enable this feature: Now if you lose your phone, go to on any computer and log in with your Apple ID. This will be the same ID you signed up with on the iPhone. Here you will find the ‘Find My iPhone’ option. This will show you the location of your phone through the map.

Self-Security for Your Device

However, this will only be possible if your lost phone has Internet on. Otherwise, you will be shown the location where your phone was last connected to the Internet. From here you can find the mobile phone at home by ringing it and if it is stolen, you can also put it on ‘Lost Mode’ from here. In this way, your number will appear on the locked screen of your lost iPhone and anyone who finds it will be able to contact you on this number. The last thing you can do from here is to delete all the data in your phone so that no one else can get their hands on it.

If you are using an Android phone, the same thing exists with a slight change. Android has a ‘Find my Device’ option which you can enable as follows: After that, whenever you go out, turn on the GPS service of the phone so that the information of those places is saved wherever the phone goes. If you lose your Android phone, go to from any computer.

Here you will be asked for the Google account through which you signed up in this phone. After entering the Google account, you will be shown the network on which the army is registered. You select the device from there which is lost. If your lost phone has GPS turned on at that time, here you will be shown its location through a map. Read more on