How to Design Custom Gift Box with Logo for Thanksgiving Day?

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Gift-giving on Thanksgiving Day is essential. Accordingly, many gift products are flooding the market to spoil those customers in choosing their gifts. To capture their attention, you need to provide the most attractive displays. Yes, you need to pack and present your gift products in the best Custom Gift Boxes that is possible way. This is where designing your own Custom Gift Box With Logo will be perfect. To make the designing things easier, you can read out the creative tips below!

Your Thanksgiving Gift Boxes Should Look Appealing and Trendy

To attract more customers, your thanksgiving gift box should look appealing and trendy at the same time. We know that customers always love to see appealing and trendy things. In this regard, you will only captivate their eyes by making your gift products exactly how they want to see them.

To do this, you can try out designing your product packaging with add-ons such as:

  • Apply glitters and glossy coating to make your box look bright and shinier
  • Add a beautiful, transparent window shape to your packaging to deliver a lovely glimpse
  • Tie a ribbon around your packaging to make it look more enchanting

By making more efforts in designing your product packaging, it will be easier for you to catch customers’ eyes and win high sales.

Your Custom Gift Boxes with Logo Must Be Strong and Tear-Resistance

Even if you are offering small gift products, you still need a durable box to wrap them. Why?

Hard shipping methods can tear your packaging box and damage your gift inside. To solve this problem, your custom gift boxes with logo must be strong and tear-resistant. For this, you must use high-quality packaging material when designing it. But wait, why not design a durable and attractive box?

Yes, you can easily do it by:

  • Use rigid material and apply a remarkable silver or gold foil technique
  • Choose cardboard material and apply a UV spot to protect your box further
  • Go with heavy corrugated and use custom inserts or EVA foam to protect your Thanksgiving gift

If you can protect your gift products properly, they will reach the customer in the best possible condition. This way, you can keep those customers happy with their purchases.

Find Affordable Custom Packaging

Indeed, affordability is still an important factor you should think about when designing your product packaging. The packaging you use to present your gift products should not exceed your budget. At the same time,you also know that you have to pay attention to the look and quality of your packaging. In this case, customization options can help a lot.

Well, below are some ways for you to make the box affordable!

  • Do not make unnecessary adjustments to your packaging
  • Minimize packaging waste by measuring the box to the exact size and dimensions
  • Get discounts when you order your bespoke boxes in bulk

The Unique Shape Is Ideal for a Thanksgiving Gift Box

The second customer enters a gift store, they enjoy thousands of gift products in colorful boxes. Therefore, your product is much less likely to get noticed. However, this can be really different when you have unique gift products to offer to the market.

To present your product uniquely, you need a distinctive Thanksgiving Gift Box. Sounds difficult? Not really…

The unique shape makes your box attractive. You can easily choose the shape and style you want according to your packaging needs.

For the unique shape options, you can go with:

  • A sleeve packaging style
  • A pillow packaging style
  • A pyramid packaging style
  • And more other unique options

Keep in mind that when choosing a unique shape for the box, you should also consider your product specifications. By making your product look attractive inside the box, you can attract the attention of your market customers. In the end, you can easily increase your sales within no time.

Focus On the Quality of Packaging Material

The quality of the material you use to create your custom gift box with logo is important. Why?

Because it affects the durability and flexibility of the box.

If the box is not strong enough to support the weight of the item, your exclusive gift product might be damaged during shipping. Customers will be hesitant to reorder from your brand if your product arrives damaged. At this point, you will have to accept the fact that you will eventually lose your product sales.

For example, you can choose cardboard for safe handling and shipping. Kraft material, on the other hand, will be the perfect fit for green packaging. In brief, when designing the right box for your gift products, be sure to choose the best one.

In Summary

Increasing sales with a custom gift box with logo this Thanksgiving Day is the smartest and most effective marketing effort. Having the right box to pack, display, and ship your gift products will definitely benefit your business in the long run. You can get the most ideal box for your gift products from Instant Custom Boxes!