How to Pass the CompTIA Security+ Training Certification

CompTIA Security+ Training
CompTIA Security+ Training

With cybercrime increasing by 600% as a result of the Covid-19 epidemic It’s no wonder the CompTIA Security+ Training job market is expected to increase by 31% in 2029 as per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. As hackers broaden their strategies by launching the use of social media to disseminate information, attacks using IoT, and calls that offer fraudulent refunds, cybersecurity professionals must stay up-to-date with the most advanced tools and technologies.

Certifications are the most effective method to achieve this. For CompTIA Security+ Training analysts who are just beginning their careers, it is a must-have card that demonstrates that you possess the basic skills needed to carry out security tasks in IT security.

Springboard has joined forces with CompTIA the world’s most renowned tech organization, to launch the brand new Cyber Security Career Track. The CompTIA Security+ certification lays the foundation for specific career paths in cybersecurity. It covers the fundamental technical knowledge for risk management and assessment and response to incidents and forensics, enterprise networks with hybrid cloud, and security control.

Although indeed, the CompTIA Security+ test doesn’t have any formal requirements, CompTIA recommends that test-takers have at least 24 months of experience in the field of network security administration or a previous Network+ certification from CompTIA. Springboard’s cybersecurity Bootcamp combines exam preparation materials created with CompTIA Official practice tests, and hands-on instruction with thirty-plus mini-projects, 35+ labs as well as a capstone project that will adequately make you ready for the test.

CompTIA Security+ SY0-501

The CompTIA Security+ exam is valid for three years following which CompTIA comes out with a revise version. Because of the exam that is designed to keep pace with the latest technology.

The exam for SY0-501 was launched in the year 2017, and the more recent SY0-601 exam was release in November 2020. The primary difference between them is the fact that the SY0-601 exam is the tiniest version of the predecessor. The exam is now based on five areas instead of just six. It is and is guide by a mature industry position, and has 35 exam objectives, compare to the SY0-501’s 37 objectives. The absence of objectives will mean greater examples within each one, focusing on more depth than broadness.

This certification can also be useful for the following jobs:

  • Help desk manager/analyst
  • Network/cloud engineer
  • Security engineer/analyst
  • DevOps/software developer
  • IT auditor

IT project manager

Every exam lasts 90 minutes in length and includes up to 90 questions, which are multiple-choice or performance-based questions (BBQs). BBQs test your ability to solve problems in a simulated environment–typically an approximation of a virtual environment such as a firewall, network diagram, terminal window, or operating system. For you to pass the test you must score a minimum of 750 (on a scale of 100 to 900). It is important to note that during the exam, you are not permitte to use exam-specific materials. But scratch paper, erasersable whiteboards, or any other type of writing instruments like pencils or pens. You’ll be able to use the option of using an integrated digital whiteboard that can use for scratch work or to make notes.

If you’re considering passing the CompTIA Security+ exam and/or joining Springboard’s Cyber Security Track, you’ll need to know the following: Track,

Here’s a study aid to guide you to get start.

Find a great study guide

The best option is to use CompTIA-approved material for study guides, such as one that bears certifications such as the CompTIA Approved Quality Content (CAQC) seal or CompTIA exam prep books. This will guarantee that you are studying the top content that is approv by CompTIA itself. Online study guides are beneficial, but they might not provide a precise idea of what. So you can prepar for in the exam since CompTIA doesn’t release actual exam questions from earlier examinations.

If you’re in Springboard’s Cyber Security Career Track and be able to access CompTIA Security and Cisco Courses prepare these resources as part of your course. If not, you may purchase the official study guide of CompTIA on its website. Consider joining a CompTIA Security+ exam online community to learn with other like-minded people to keep you motivated and discover the answers you need from fellow exam takers and experts.

Create a study plan

When you’ve ordered CompTIA’s official exam guide, begin by reading it completely to gain an overview of what you’ll need for the exam. You can also identify any gaps in your knowledge. You can likely finish this in less than a few hours.

Then, figure out what you are familiar with regarding security technology and develop an outline of your study plan. Taking into account the accompanying aspects is significant:

How much time do you have to dedicate to studying every day or week?

If you’re looking to be certified

Students who are enroll within our Cyber Security Career Track will be able to design. Because an outline of their study early throughout the course. This means that when you’re prepare for exam CompTIA Security+ exam, you’ll mainly. So that studying information you’ve already learne. Additionally, you’ll receive an outline for your study guide that is like this one.

CompTIA recommends that you only study less than two or three daily units. You should expect to complete about 60 hours of study before sitting for the test, and it is possible to take your time and be patient over weeks