Importance of Dissertation Guidelines in Writing A Dissertation

Dissertation Guidelines

A dissertation is an important scholarly document that discusses an issue and suggests solutions to that issue. Writing a dissertation is not an easy task because it is the lengthiest task that students work on. To write a dissertation on time, you need to follow the dissertation guidelines provided by your teacher or research supervisor. Many students ignore the importance of guide and hence suffer in the form of bad grades. Therefore, today’s article is about highlighting the importance of those guidelines. Before that, let’s explain what it means to dissertation writing guide.

What Are Dissertation Writing Guidelines?

Dissertation guidelines or dissertation writing guidelines are the set of instructions that your research supervisor or professor sends you to follow. As the good writer, you must follow all those guides. Such guidelines are typically about word count, preferred style, formatting requirements, citation style, and preferred bibliography style. In fact, all the information you need to write a perfect dissertation is in the provided document.

Importance Of Dissertation Guidelines

A style guide is important because if every student follows their style, the dissertation won’t look like a dissertation. Also, it is important to follow those set guidelines if you want to score high. Some other points highlighting the importance of these guidelines are as follows:

Reduced Miscommunication

When every student follows a certain style for writing a dissertation, the miscommunication gets reduced by manifolds. The reason is that your research supervisor is pretty much familiar with the format you have used. He knows which information should be where. Hence, this reduces miscommunication a lot.


Following standard dissertation guidelines, you can ensure consistency in your dissertation. For example, your teacher has sent you instructions that your chapter name would be in Times New Roman 14 and Bold, and it should be at the top left corner of your dissertation. In this case, you will name each chapter according to the guidelines provided to ensure consistency.

Improved Confidence Levels

The confidence of a dissertation writer shoots high when he knows that he has followed all the dissertation writing guidelines. The reason is that many international students do not know the English language as it is their second language. By following the rules that teachers have set at the start, the students get more confidence and know that whatever they have written is according to the requirements.

Structured Dissertation

As a writer, you must follow the guide. Why? It is important because when you follow the guide, your dissertation gets structured. It looks more professional and attractive at first glance. When you follow all the style guides, everything becomes clear, consistent, and prominent in the dissertation.


Conclusively, dissertation writing is the most important task in a student’s life. It is that document which decides the fate of students and helps them rise high in the class. To achieve this hallmark, it is also important that you follow all the dissertation guidelines. When you follow the guide, your dissertation looks professional and attractive. Also, the chances of miscommunication get reduced by manifolds.