Is Kitesurfing Dangerous?

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Extremely typically when I intend to share my passion and Kite Surf Classes in Dubai for kitesurfing with my job colleagues as well as other acquaintances, I am welcomed with puzzled, horrified appearances, some pity (bad heart, he doesn’t understand what he is doing) as well as the infinite concern: aren’t you scared that you are mosting likely to die? Isn’t kitesurfing a dangerous sport? Only insane people do it! After that, to enhance their argument, they send me YouTube video clips revealing crash compilations, or fish the internet for extreme mishaps and horror tales. My sis can not bear the though of me doing it, while my mum hardly endures it, and also says, with a knowing smile: “Well … if it makes you pleased … “.

I work as a Health and Safety Expert as well as, Dubai Kite Surf , my career needs that I execute a danger assessment and prepare an approach declaration for pretty much every activity that is carried out in my work place. Undoubtedly, an individual that earns a living from informing individuals what is secure and what is not, should not participate in such insane as well as unsafe extracurricular activities, like kitesurfing. Probably it would be safer to simply rest on the sofa and also see the other ‘insane’ individuals doing it. Oh, actually?

So, is kitesurfing truly a severe, unsafe activity?

The simple solution to that is that kitesurfing is just as harmful as you make it. Much like a pet dog is just harmful if it has actually gotten the incorrect training, so kitesurfing is only harmful if made with the incorrect mind collection and wrong mindset.

Wrong attitude is to have a couple of drinks then head to the beach and affix yourself to a 12m kite in 25knots winds blowing offshore … then attempt to do some techniques much like the various other individual was doing when you were enjoying it from the bar … Exactly how hard can it be, eh?

The ideal attitude is, of course to head over to the beach and also go straight to the kite center, come close to a certified institution and also get the appropriate training. During that training, performed by a professional, accredited kitesurfing trainer, you will be enlightened in numerous safety facets, as well as several dangers will be highlighted, along with best practices on just how to prevent those threats and also just how to successfully take care of all residual risks. You will discover exactly how to analyze wind as well as water problems, entry and also leave points, learn more about right-of-way (who has top priority on the water), discover exactly how to start and also land a kite, discover exactly how to water begin as well as just how to body drag and also, if required self-rescue. Throughout your certified kitesurfing program, you will certainly learn how to navigate a kite in a regulated fashion, as well as what to do if things don’t go according to plan. You will certainly also discover just how to ride on the board and also exactly how to save your board if you lose it. You will certainly find out all the kitesurfing essentials, as well as these basics will certainly serve you as a fantastic structure as you progress in your kitesurfing, even after you stopped taking classes.