Looking for a new hair transplant destination? Check out Dubai!

Hair Replacement

Over the last few years, hair transplantation has become incredibly popular worldwide. This surgery involves moving hair-follicle units from one place on your body to another. Many people are now choosing to get Hair transplant dubai because of the number of benefits associated with it, including lower costs and better results. With over 90 percent of patients reporting satisfaction after their first hair transplant surgery, there’s no question why more and more people are getting hair transplants in Dubai! Here are the most common reasons why this rapidly growing city is a great place to get this procedure done.

Outline of the procedure

A hair transplant is a procedure that moves healthy donor hair from one part of the scalp to another. A surgeon will remove tiny plugs of skin, each containing one to four hairs, from the back or sides of the head. These are then divided into smaller groups and transplanted onto the bald or thinning areas in their new positions. It usually takes about three hours and is performed under local anaesthetic with sedation.

The best time to travel to Dubai

People are always looking for the next best place to go and explore. But, what if you need a change that’s more permanent? If you’re looking for a hair transplant, Alborj Hair Clinic in Dubai is an excellent option. The clinic is one of the most sophisticated and modern clinics in the Middle East. This clinic was started by Dr. Dimitrios Ziakas with one goal in mind: to provide patients with the finest treatments available at affordable prices. It is no surprise that they have expanded so rapidly in such a short period of time- they offer clients impeccable service and top-notch quality care. They offer services like hair transplants, surgery, laser treatments and much more.

When is the next flight?

Alborj Hair Clinic is well-known as one of the best places to get hair transplants. Patients can fly into Dubai and stay in the same hotel as their clinic, which makes it easy to plan their trip. Plus, with an average flight time of just under three hours, patients are able to get their treatment and return home the same day.

If you’re looking for a new place to travel that offers excellent quality and care, Alborj Hair Clinic is your go-to choice!

What are people saying about hair transplants in Dubai?

Hair transplants are one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the world, and with good reason. The procedure is relatively low-risk, has minimal downtime, and can be used to combat everything from male pattern baldness to thinning hair.

The best part is that in the past decade or so, technology has improved significantly – meaning there are more opportunities than ever before to find your ideal match.

In the past few years, major cities around the world have been home to some of the most innovative medical advancements in this industry. One of those cities is Dubai. In fact, if you’re looking for a place where you can get your dream haircut thanks to cutting-edge technology and talent, then look no further than Dubai!

How many sessions does it take to have good results?

The number of sessions required will depend on the type of procedure being done, the patient’s age and health status, as well as their existing hair density. Hair transplants typically require multiple procedures to be completed in order to achieve full coverage.

The majority of patients need at least three procedures spaced six months apart from each other in order to achieve satisfactory results. The total number of sessions needed can vary from person to person, but most patients will require at least six sessions before noticing any significant change.

What happens after I get my hair transplant done in Dubai?

After you get your hair transplant done, you can start the healing process. This will typically involve wearing protective headgear and not washing or styling your hair for at least two weeks. It’s also important to avoid exposing your scalp to the sun by wearing hats or scarves whenever possible. Once you’re able to wash and style your hair again, it’s important that you use only organic shampoo and conditioner to avoid any potential allergic reactions from harsh chemicals.