nandi hill


Many Bangaloreans don’t need to be told Nandi Hills is a great escape area. Ask any Bangalorean for a quick escape from the city and they will tell you that ‘Nandi Hills is their top choice. It is a small hillock that many find charming for its relaxing balmy atmosphere, excellent sunrise and sunset views, and remnants of the Tippu Sultan’s fortress built in the eighteenth century. This province is encircled by many mountain ranges that rest across Tumkur-Chikballapur-Kolar ranges. The birthplace of Arcavathy River is in the foothills of Nandi Hills. It is a spiritual place due to its ancient sanctuaries.


Nandi Hills has one of the most beautiful areas due to its climate. It is located in Muddenahalli (an old neighbourhood of Sir M Vishveswaraih). He was one the most remarkable architects India has ever seen. On the top of the hill, there are temples to Sri Ugra Narasimha or Sri Yoga Narasimha. On the lower hill is a temple dedicated Sri Bhoga Narasimha.

It is also known by Nandi Betta or Nandi durg. At 1,440 metres above sea level, it is situated.. The landscape of Nandi Hills is a mixture of rock-strewn and green-clad terrain, where you may see some unusual feathered creatures.

Notable points

  1. The starting point is Chikballapur Karnataka
  2. Trekking up a gradient is simple.
  3. Time taken approximately 2 to 3 hours
  4. Keep water on hand
  5. It is difficult to determine the best months to travel.Here in the summers, the afternoons may get stifling and hot. Therefore, if you intend to travel in the late spring, schedule your outings for early in the morning or after sunset. Many people visit the area during the rainy season, where there may be significant precipitation.
  6. The Nandi hills have a 6 AM-6 PM time zone every day.
  7. Entrance fee: 20 INR per person

How do you get there?

By Road: It’s 60 km away from Bangalore and 220 kilometers from Mysore. It’s 350 km from Chennai.

Train: Nandi slopes are 9km away. The nearest railway station is Chikkballapur.

Things to Do in Nandi Hills

The five slopes that make up the Nandi Hills bunch, Channagiri and Channagiri will be on display. Brahmagiri Hill, also known as Nandi One, is the lesser-known of these hills. It also houses the pinnacle of Nandi Hill. From the Brahmagiri trail, Channagiri and Skandagiri can be viewed from right to left. Hemagiri, which is located behind Nandigiri, is the fifth slope. It is covered up.

It is a walk through a mix of Eucalyptus vegetation. The entire route is rough. You can smell the Eucalyptus aroma in the air. Don’t forget to see the aerial view of Chikballapur’s grape plantations, towns, or homesteads. Some Nandi Hills farmlands are dedicated to grape growing. You will also find rice, maize, and banana estates alongside these grape plantations.

Stepping inside the fortress, try to close your eyes and see clearly the dimming world. They are stunningly beautiful. The climate on the slopes here is almost identical to the verdure’s with similar shading. It could appear as though there is an invisible layer of significant whitish shading which has taken over every tall and small tree. The image becomes brighter and blurrier as the whitish hint starts to fade. This is how it feels to walk among the clouds.

This hill is covered in mist. The clouds move and skim with the breeze. Here, the breeze would be constant high. The clouds provide a covering over the life below on a superficial level.


Trekkers can enjoy a wide range of experiences on the Nandi Hill Trek. The trip is also a joy for children. This trip allows them to be more familiar with trekking than any other trip. It is a mixture of rugged landscapes and vibrant green vegetation. Nandi Hills is a popular destination for travelers because of its cool temperatures even in summer. One can also encounter fogy, hazy conditions with overcast clouds below and around the hills.