New Zealand Welcomes Bahraini and Taiwanese Citizens with Open Arms!



New Zealand welcomed Bahraini and Taiwanese citizens on Thursday, July 15th. The move comes as a sign of New Zealand’s continuing support for the two countries. Bahrain is one of New Zealand’s few friends in the Gulf region, and Taiwan is a significant partner in the One China Policy. The two countries have been working together to promote peaceful regional cooperation.

The two countries have a strong history of relations, with both nations participating in joint military operations. This has created a close connection between the two nations and helped grow trade and cooperation. The two nations held a joint press conference this week to celebrate their close ties. The country was eager to learn more about the new arrivals and welcomed them with open arms, offering them food, shelter, and access to all the usual New Zealander amenities. 


The New Zealand Visa for Bahrain Citizens has been increased from 5 to 10 months. The visa offer comes with many benefits, including working in New Zealand and studying in the country. The cost of the New Zealand Visa is $130, which is cheaper than the cost of a Vietnamese visa. In order to make the process easier for Bahrain citizens, the New Zealand Embassy has created a website that provides more information about visa requirements.  In addition to the website, the New Zealand Embassy offers phone support through its customer service line.

This is a significant development, as the United Arab Emirates has been the only country in the region to refuse visas to Bahrainis. The move towards open travel relations with Bahrain may signify that New Zealand is looking to improve its relationship with the Gulf nation.


The New Zealand visa allows citizens of Taiwan to work and study in the country for up to three years. The visa is a short-term visa, which does not allow for permanent residency. The main purpose of the visa is to allow citizens of Taiwan to work and study to improve their economic situation. New Zealand Visa for Taiwan Citizens If you want to visit Taiwan and enjoy the benefits of New Zealand’s visa program, there’s no need to look further than the Taipei embassy.

With a robust visa application process and ample visas available regularly, your stay in Taiwan should be hassle-free. This allows you to stay in Taiwan for a period of up to three months and to work. The visa is only valid for tourists and cannot be used to enter Taiwan for business purposes. The New Zealand visa is a great way to visit Taiwan. The visa allows you to stay for 3 months and can be used multiple times.

 It’s also very affordable, costing just $165 per month. Applicants in China should familiarize themselves with the Chinese visa requirements before applying. Visitors to Taiwan should also be aware of the current visa restrictions on New Zealand citizens and visit the New Zealand Embassy or Consulate in Taipei for more information.


The Bahraini and Taiwanese citizens who arrived in New Zealand were welcomed with open arms. This demonstrates the friendly and welcoming attitude that New Zealand has towards its citizens of all nations. It is good to see such positive behavior from a country known for its strong multiculturalism. The government should continue to support these newcomers, as they will likely positively impact the country and its culture.