Online Word Problem Solver: Free and Easy to Use

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Word problems are the bane of many students’ existence because they seem to require so much thinking and calculation, but the truth is that they’re much easier than they appear. When you break down word problems into their basic components, you’ll find that they can be solved quickly and easily with a little practice and work up in your math skills. This article will teach you how to solve word problems step by step, showing you how to use what you already know to work out all the individual pieces in order to arrive at the answer.

Proving That the Proportions are Equal

If you’re trying to prove that two proportions are equal, there’s a simple way to do it. All you need is the following formula:

\(x = \frac\)

When solving for x, solve for the variable first by plugging in the given value for a into the equation. Next, plug in the given value for b. Then solve for x by dividing both sides of the equation by their respective values. Finally, if x on one side of the equation equals x on the other side, then they are equal. Let’s take a look at an example with some numbers plugged in.

What Is This?

Need help solving a word problem? You’re in luck! This site lets you solve word problems online for free. They have a variety of different types of problems, including algebraic equations, quadratic equations, fraction calculations, exponential expressions, logarithmic expressions and linear inequalities. Each type of problem comes with an explanation of the solution so that you can understand it better. If you want to save your work or print out the solution for later use then you can do that too! All in all this is a great site for solving word problems without having to spend money on buying expensive textbooks.

How can you solve it?

Enter the problem in the box below and click Get Solution. You will get a step-by-step explanation of how to solve the problem.

You can also see a list of all of our problems in one place, organized by topic. Topics include algebra, geometry, fractions, decimals, ordering decimals/fractions/percentages, statistics, probability, order of operations (PEMDAS), inequalities (less than or equal to > less than < greater than or equal to), linear equations (1 variable), quadratic equations (2 variables), absolute value equations (1 variable), systems of linear equations with 2 variables).

How Do I know if I’m Right?

This is a common question students ask when trying to solve word problems. The only way for you to be absolutely sure that you are right is if the problem has only one solution. In cases where there are multiple solutions, it is always best to check your answer using a different method.

If you were solving the following problem:

A man buying an ice cream cone spends $2 more than he should have.

The first step would be to subtract 2 from the total of $4. You would then want to divide this number by the cost of an ice cream cone ($1). This would give you a result of 4 which means that he spent $4 for his ice cream cone, which is not what was asked in the problem statement.

Steps to Follow

If you’re struggling with a word problem, don’t stress. You can solve it for free online in just a few steps! First, open the website and enter the equation into the box. Next, follow the instructions to solve the equation. The answer will be displayed at the bottom of your screen. Finally, share this solution on social media or print it out!