Takara Tomy Beyblades at Beystation| Complete Guide

Takara Tomy Beyblades

Whenever you go to a Beystation, you will see a large variety of Takara Tomy Beyblades. Each of the beyblades has different features, such as Attack, Balance, and Stamina types. These beyblades are great for a variety of games. They are also very easy to use.


Depending on the player’s strategy, attack-type Takara Tomy Beyblades at beystadium can be more efficient than stamina-type Beyblades. Attack-type Beyblades are designed to attack other Beyblades. They usually have layers that grip other Beyblades. They also have flat performance tips, which make them more mobile.

Attack-type Beyblades are usually heavier than stamina-type Beyblades. They also have lower stamina. However, their Stamina is longer than stamina-type Beyblades, which makes them more resistant to attacks from other Beyblades.

Some attack-type Beyblades have a serrated energy layer, which makes it easier to grip an opponent. This also makes it possible to burst an opponent’s blade. It also increases the height of the beyblade.

Attack-type Beyblades also have flat performance tips. Flat tips make them faster and more mobile. They also limit friction between the beyblade and the beystadium. However, the flat tips can create unpredictable moments.


Whether you are a novice or experienced Beyblade player, it is important to know how to use your Beyblades. There are four main types of Beyblades – Defense, Attack, Balance, and Stamina. Each type has its own features and gimmick.

Defense Beyblades are the heaviest types of Beyblades, and they usually have core discs to distribute weight. These beyblades also tend to be slow, which makes them ideal for knocking back attacks. Unlike Attack and Balance Beyblades, Defense Beyblades have no weak points, making them effective in deflecting attacks.

Attack Beyblades specialize in fast, aggressive movements. They need to be heavy to knock out other Beyblades. These types of beyblades have flat tips, making them easier to maneuver.

Balance Beyblades combine the characteristics of Attack, Defense, and Stamina Beyblades. They are generally more mobile, but have poor stamina, and may not be as effective against Defense Beyblades.


Amongst the Beyblade types, stamina-type Beyblades are the most popular. They have the ability to outspin the enemy Bey and last longer in a battle. However, they are more susceptible to attack than defense types.

Stamina-type Beyblades are usually made of metal, as opposed to plastic. This makes them heavier and slower. They also tend to wear down Attack-types.

Attack-type Beyblades usually have flat drivers and a high amount of friction. They are heavier and can knock out opponents. They are also faster and more mobile than other Beyblades.

Defense-type Beyblades are often made of thick metal and can deflect attacks. They can also knock back opponents, but they lack stamina. They may also use core discs or outward discs to increase their stamina.

Balance-type Beyblades are often made with a mix of all three types. They tend to be faster and outplay Defense Beyblades, but they are also susceptible to attack.


Having a good launcher can make a difference in your battles. With the right one, you can launch your Beyblades with more power and precision. If you have one that is poorly built, you may end up making inaccurate launches. In addition, your launcher can be worn out after a while of use.

There are two types of Beyblade launchers. These include the string launcher and the ripcord launcher. You can also get launchers that allow you to choose between a left or right spin. This can be helpful when you want to try new tricks.

A string launcher will allow you to launch your Beyblades with more power. These launchers work by pulling a string that is attached to the Beyblades. However, you may have trouble with these launchers if you are a beginner.


During a BeyBattle, players may earn points by “bursting” or knocking out their opponent’s Beyblade. Each Beyblade has its own gimmick. Depending on the context of the battle, the rules may change and interpretation may differ.

Attack Beyblades are designed to attack other Beyblades. They tend to have thicker metal and heavier weight than other types. Their high speed and aggressive movements make them very effective against other types. However, their stamina is low and they will be worn down easily, making them less effective in a battle against a defense type Beyblade.

Defense Beyblades are designed to knock back attack-types. Their high recoil and heavy weight make them more difficult to maneuver. They are also slower than other types. They are also weak to Stamina, making them less effective against Attack-type Beyblades.