Tech Geek Nelson: A New Kind of Meme

Tech Geek Nelson: A New Kind of Meme
Tech Geek Nelson: A New Kind of Meme
Tech Geek Nelson: A New Kind of Meme
Tech Geek Nelson: A New Kind of Meme

Nelson is a character from the popular webcomic, Homestar Runner. He’s an old-fashioned computer guy who likes to tell jokes and make puns. He’s also become a popular meme on the internet.

Memes are typically short videos or images that spread virally on the internet.

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They’re usually funny, clever, and relatable – and Nelson is no exception. If you’re not familiar with memes, now might be a good time to check them out!

They can be really fun and entertaining, and can help you learn new information or have some laughs.

So whether you’re a tech geek yourself or just interested in what goes on in online communities, be sure to keep an eye out for Nelson in the future!

What is Nelson Meme?

Nelson Meme is a new meme that started trending on the internet recently.

It is created by combining the picture of the late singer and songwriter Nelson Mandela with the text “I’m not a hipster, I’m a tech geek.” 

The reason why the meme became popular is because it is truly true; Nelson Mandela was a technology geek who was also an incredible leader.

Nelson Mandela was born in 1918 in South Africa. He was one of the most influential leaders in history, and his legacy lives on today.

In 1989, he was elected president of South Africa, and he served until 1994. 

During his presidency, Nelson Mandela made significant changes to South Africa’s constitution. He also helped to promote peace and reconciliation between black and white South Africans.

After his presidency, Nelson Mandela remained active in politics. He served as chairman of the Nelson Mandela Foundation for many years, and he campaigned for human rights worldwide.

In 2013, Nelson Mandela died at the age of 95 after a long illness. His death marked the end of an era, but his legacy will live on forever.

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How to Make a Nelson Meme

If you’re looking for a new meme to add to your repertoire,

Nelson might be the perfect candidate. This Tech Geek Meme started off as just a simple photo of Nelson with the caption

“I’m a geek, but that’s okay,” but it quickly gained popularity on social media and has even made its way into pop culture.

Here’s how to create your own Nelson Meme:

1. Start by finding a picture of Nelson that you like.
2. Add text below the photo that sums up your favorite part about him or her.
3. Share the meme on social media using the hashtag #nelsonmeme.

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Meme History

Tech Geek Nelson: A New Kind of Meme

If you’re a geek, there’s a good chance you know about Nelson. He’s the wisecracking, nerdy guy who has become one of the most popular memes on the internet.

Nelson started out as a bit of an afterthought. But over time he’s evolved into something more than just a silly meme.

He’s become an alter ego for the tech-savvy community, and his message of positivity and geek pride has struck a chord with people all over the world.

Nelson is proof that even the quirkiest memes can have a powerful impact on people’s lives. And that’s something to be proud of – no matter what your geek status may be.

How to Make a Nelson

Nelson Mandela was a powerful political figure, but he wasn’t the only one with charisma. Nelson is now a popular meme with people using his famous facial features to create their own memes.

There are several ways to make a Nelson meme, but the easiest way is to use Microsoft Paint or another image editing program.

Open an image of Nelson Mandela and use the tools on the toolbar to crop and resize it. 

Next, print out the image and cut out the parts of Nelson that you want to use in your meme. You can also use online tools to create a digital version of your meme.

Once you have your image ready, it’s time to start creating your meme. Start by copying and pasting the text of your meme into Microsoft Paint or another image editor.

You can also use online tools to generate text for your meme. 

When you’re finished, you’ll need to save your meme file and share it online. be sure to include a link to this blog post so other tech geeks can learn how to make their own Nelson memes!


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Nelson is a new kind of meme that celebrates the quirks and idiosyncrasies of tech geeks.

Whether it’s our endless fascination with technology or just how darn nerdy we can be, these memes are sure to make us laugh.

So take a break from your work and have some fun with Nelson — he’s sure to lighten up your day!