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The role of a sales closers for hire requires certain skills. It is an ideal position for people with strong sales skills who are passionate about bringing in new customers. In many cases, a salesperson can even be poached from their current position. These salespeople are eager to move from a large corporation to a smaller one because they love the idea of building a business. But it is important to note that a stagnant organization is not a good fit for salespeople. A stagnant company is one that fails to deliver a good product or service to customers.


When you hire a sales closer for your business, it’s essential to have them with at least several years of experience in the sales field. In addition to this, they should be skilled negotiators and have a proven track record of successful deals. Closers can take courses at private organizations or at schools in order to develop their skills. The most successful closers have excellent critical thinking skills and must be able to work under pressure.

The duties of a sales closer include following up on leads and closing sales. They also work to persuade prospective clients to sign contracts and purchase products. In addition, sales closers work closely with managers and other salespeople to create and execute a successful sales campaign. Some even supervise the training of other junior salespeople. They work from an office, but may also travel to meet prospective clients.

Pre-sales routine

A pre-sales routine is an essential part of the sales process. The pre-sales team’s goal is to uncover the customer’s needs and challenges. This will help the sales team position their proposal as the ideal solution. They will also prepare an initial pitch that will highlight their best propositions and answer what the customer’s challenges are.

An effective pre-sales routine can improve conversion rates by five points. It’s an important part of a successful sales strategy, yet often receives little attention from upper management. Pre-sales tasks, such as networking, sending proposals and setting up meetings, are often left out of the sales process. Typically, salespeople have personal quotas to meet each month and may not have the time to devote to their pre-sales routine.


A sales closer for hire has a diverse set of duties, which may vary depending on the company and industry they work for. These duties may include following up with sales leads and prospects, negotiating contracts, maintaining records of all transactions, and answering inquiries and concerns from customers. The duties of a sales closer also require excellent communication skills and the ability to sell over the phone.

An effective sales closer is able to persuade a prospect to purchase a high-ticket product or service. They may be self-motivated and have a strong sense of purpose. They may also be restless, highly persuasive, and like to experiment. In addition, they must be organized and well-researched in order to ensure success.


Sales closers earn an average salary of PHP 355,719 a year in the Philippines, or about $171 per hour. However, there are some important disadvantages of working as a sales closer. For one, not making a lot of sales can lead to extreme financial hardships. Aside from that, some sales closers can become pushy and aggressive with customers, which can leave a bad impression.

The compensation for sales closers varies greatly, so it’s important to look at salaries in different locations. ZipRecruiter reports that sales closers in remote locations earn anywhere from $44,500 to $94,500 annually. Top earners make up to $130,500 per year. Although the average salary varies widely, sales closers can often expect to earn more than average if they are highly skilled.

Inbound closer business model

A typical inbound sales closers business model revolves around the creation of trust between a brand and its customers. This is a crucial step for building a loyal customer base. This kind of relationship is built by providing helpful tips and information to potential buyers. The goal is to become a trusted resource and consultant for the potential customer.

An inbound sales closer must be patient and able to understand the needs of the potential customer. Identifying the needs and concerns of a prospective client is key for closing the deal. It is also essential to be able to communicate effectively. It is important to understand what your prospects want and then demonstrate how your product or service can solve their problem.