Why Composite Fencing Prices in Canada May Be Right For You

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Composite fencing prices in Canada can vary significantly depending on where you live, but they are generally cheaper than comparable wood fences because they don’t require any paint or stain and are easier to maintain and repair. They are also much more durable than traditional wood fences and last much longer, making them well worth the cost. Here’s why you may want to use composite fencing around your home in Canada instead of other fence types.

The benefits of using composites

Unifloor’s composite fencing prices Canada are the lowest on the market. And because our materials can be recycled, they’re also eco-friendly. Here are some other benefits of composite fencing Unifloor composite fences don’t have to be painted and they last twice as long as wood fences! Composite fencing is resistant to rust and rot so your investment will last longer. It doesn’t cost much to maintain a composite fence either – all you need is a pressure washer to clean it! The low cost of maintenance makes composites an even better investment for you.

The case against using composites

The composite fencing prices in Canada are a result of the product and the labor involved with installing it. Composite fencing prices will vary depending on the type of product you choose, the manufacturer, the size and height you need, etc.

Unifloor offers a wide range of composite fencing products at competitive pricing and we provide free estimates for your convenience. We pride ourselves on doing things right first time so installation is done efficiently and to your complete satisfaction. This is why our customers choose Unifloor over other composite fencing suppliers that offer cheaper products.

What are your options?

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance fence, then composite fencing may be the right option for you. It is made from recycled plastics, so it’s environmentally friendly and won’t need any painting or staining. Plus, it’s durable and will never rot or decay. The cost of composite fencing is lower than other fences because of the fact that it doesn’t need much maintenance. And there are no hidden charges when it comes to installation. Because this type of fence can last up to 10 years before needing replacement, your long term costs are going to be lower as well. With such a simple design, not many materials are needed for installation.

In some cases, only posts and ground anchors will be necessary. It also requires less time for construction. There is minimal labor required because most products come preassembled with all the connectors already attached. And if you have stairs on your property, it’s even easier since these materials don’t require balusters like wood does! So if your house has steps leading to an upper level deck or balcony, this could save you some money.

How much does it cost?

For a typical composite fence, the cost can range from $1.50 to $2.00 per linear foot of fencing, but this depends on factors such as:

  • The height of the fence (the higher the fence, the higher the price)
  • The type of posts and rails used for construction
  • Any other features added to the design like gates or decorative panels may also affect the cost.
  • Other factors that may impact the final price are whether you want your fence installed by professionals or if you want to do it yourself with your own materials. In either case, you should add an additional 50% onto your material costs for installation labor ($25-$30/hr).
  • Wood fences are cheaper than metal fences because wood is cheaper than steel; however, wood is more difficult to install because of how heavy it is.