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Private & Public hire insurance

Do I require insurance for private & public hire insurance policies? It’s a comon uestion asked by many of our clients. In this article, we will discuss it in detail. Public hire taxi insurance is required if you pick up clients on the street without a reservation, like a London black cab. You require private hire taxi insurance if you only accept pre-arranged fares from a particular pick-up location, like a minicab driver or airport taxi company. Whether you operate alone or as a member of a taxi company, our team can suggest the best course of action for your firm. Tell us about your taxi, including how you use it and any changes it may have. Using this data, we’ll look up and contrast taxi insurance quotations.

You can select from completely comprehensive, third-party, third-party fire and theft cover, just like with auto insurance. Additionally, you can select any add-ons you want your policy to have, such as breakdown insurance and public liability insurance. We conduct yearly reviews to make sure you’re always getting the greatest value and look for any taxi insurance discounts that could help you save more money. You can rest assured that we will guide you with your private & public hire insurance. 

What is insurance for private hire?

You are covered by private hire insurance if you pick up and drop off clients for a fee. You must have private hire taxi insurance in place if you want to start working for Uber or another company where you are pre-scheduled to transport customers.

Public hire cars, like taxis, can be hailed down at the side of the road, whilst private hire vehicles need to be reserved. Both private & public hire insurance is required for drivers to transport people in exchange for money.

Public hire taxi insurance is required in the following scenario

licensed hackney carriages that accept pre-booked customers as well as hailing from taxi ranks and the public. These include black cabs from London.

How Public and Private Hire Insurance Works

All vehicles with a license to operate as a hackney carriage must carry public hire insurance, sometimes referred to as black cab insurance.

A motorist will be protected by public hire insurance for all the same advantages as private hire insurance. By using our Public Hire taxi insurance, you can drive safely while employed.

Levels of Taxi insurance by Protect My Taxi

Taxi insurance  follows the traditional options for cover type:


Regardless of whether the damage was your fault or not, comprehensive taxi insurance will cover it. Additionally, you’ll be protected if your car is damaged by fire, theft, or vandalism. If you are found to be at fault in an incident, your insurer will compensate the other party’s damages because you are also protected from third-party liability. We are aware that your ability to continue working depends on being able to drive again after an accident. Your daily work as a taxi driver is protected if you select comprehensive taxi insurance.

Third-Party, Fire, and Theft

With third-party insurance, your provider will pay for the expense of fixing another person’s property. If you are at fault for any damage, your insurer will pay for the repairs to another car if you have third-party insurance. In situations where you may have caused an accident, this insurance will also shield you against additional demands such as compensation for injuries or other property damage.

You may feel secure knowing that you are protected if the unexpected occurs because this plan also covers insurance against fire and theft. Your insurer will be able to offer a lifeline to get you back on the road if your cab is stolen, never found, or written off due to fire damage.

Only Third Party

If you injure or damage the property, vehicle, or person of a third party, you are covered under the Third Party Only policy. Your passengers are also covered under this policy.
You can avail yourself all levels of covers, for your private & public hire insurance policies.