Instructions On How to Draw An Animated Unicorn Easily

Unicorn Drawing

How to Draw A Cute Unicorn Easily. Learn how to draw a cool-looking cute unicorn with easy and detailed drawing instructions, video tutorials, and easy Unicorn Coloring pages. Now you can easily create a beautiful Easy Cute Unicorn theme. Do you want to draw a simple cute unicorn? With the help of this drawing tutorial, you can master the simple and attractive outline of the unicorn.

A unicorn is a “mythological creature reaching a steed or goat with only one horn on its forehead.” They were considered extremely rare and fast, which is why rare things are sometimes called “unicorns” today.

Here we Learn About Unicorns.

The earliest known references to unicorns appear in Mesopotamia and India. Ancient and medieval peoples believed that the unicorn’s horn had healing or magical powers. Those who drank from horned cups are said to be protected from poison and certain diseases. Some believed that only a young girl could catch a unicorn.

Sometimes they were mixed up with the legends of Pegasus and given wings. Where do the myths of the unicorn come from? Some may have been associated with travel accounts of the Indian rhino.

The spiral-shaped horn may have come from finds of narwhal teeth. Narwhals are a whale species with a long, spiral-shaped teeth protruding from the face.

Unicorns have captured our imagination for a long time. They are present in the literature and works of art of ancient Babylon and medieval Europe. Modern literature, like the Narnia series, relies heavily on unicorns. Today, cartoons like The Last Unicorn and My Little Pony feature animals. They are also among the emojis on our phones.

Instructions For Drawing A Cute and Easy Unicorn

Step 1

Start with the simple and cute outline of the unicorn by drawing the horse-like head. Use a curved stripe for the front and remove a short strip at the intersection of the mouth. Draw another short string to indicate the nostril.

Step 2

Detail the inside of the ear with a short curved line, then trace the nape of the neck with a long curved line. Use another curved line for the lower face and a final line for the front of the neck and chest.

Step 3

Use the curved lines to outline the front legs. Notice the zigzag lines on the lower leg that give it a furry look. Draw a curved line on the bottom of the leg to indicate the hoof.

Step 4

Complete the remaining front leg, again noting the point of the elbow, the fur on the lower leg, and the shape of the hoof. Next, extend another curved line to form the animal’s abdomen and draw the hind leg with a series of curved lines.

Step 5

Use long curved lines to trace the croup and back hind leg. Then include the irregular semicircle shapes of the hooves.

Step 6

Draw the unicorn’s eye. Use the curved lines to trace the shape, with another over the eye to indicate the eyelid. Inside the eye, draw two smaller circles one after the other and blend them to show the pupil.

Step 7

Draw the mane, erasing the previous lines if necessary. Use curved lines of different lengths and let them meet at rough places. Structure the hair with curved lines.

Step 8

Draw the unicorn’s tail. Use curved lines of different lengths. Next, structure the bottom with curved lines.

Step 9

Draw A Unicorn

Complete your simple unicorn outline by drawing the ubiquitous horn. It is what separates the unicorn from the horse. Extend a curved line from the forehead and fold it back onto itself.

Step 10

Unicorn Drawing

Color your cartoon unicorn. These mythical creatures are often depicted in fantastic colors, even rainbow colors.

Drawing Completed

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