Step by step instructions On How to Draw A Pusheen Cat Easily

Pusheen Cat Drawing

How to Draw A Pusheen cat. Many qualities have won a lot of passion and fans on the internet. One of these characters’ most famous and iconic is the adorable Pusheen Cat! This round and cute kitty has won fans worldwide and featured in all sorts of cute scenarios.

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Pusheen Cat can be very popular, but even with its simple design, learning to draw A Pusheen Cat can still be a challenge. But don’t worry; it can be much easier with the right guidance!

How to Draw A Pusheen cat

Step 1

In this Pusheen Cat graphic guide, we will tighten her in a cute sombrero. We will start with this sombrero in this first step before drawing the Pusheen itself.

First, use short Stripes to create the bill of the hat. Then use a rounded triangle shape across the brim for the top of the hat. Finally, use two more lines from the tips of the brim to the top of the hat, as shown in the reference image.

Step 2

In this step, we will draw the entire body of your Pusheen Cat. Drawing the entire body in one step might seem daunting, but its simple design makes it possible! Its body is a round and plump oval, and you can use a curved line to pull it down from the hat. Finally, at the base of his body, you can draw two small curved lines for his small paws. That’s all there is to this step, so let’s move on to draw A pusheen cat!

Step 3

This next step in our how-to-draw A Pusheen Cat guide should be easy to do! First, use two curved lines on each side of the face for the resulting mustache.

These will be high on the body, starting just below the sombrero hat. Before proceeding, you can also draw two small circles on the left side of his body for a few points on his body.

Step 4

It’s time to count a pretty face to your Pusheen cat sketch, so let’s do it now! Just like other aspects of Pusheen, her face is quite easy to draw. Her eyes are two easy, small loops on either flank of her look. So between the eyes, you can use two small curved lines for the top of her smiling mouth. Finally, another small curved line will be below this one for the bottom of her mouth. Before proceeding, please give her a wavy ponytail and draw lines along it. You can even change the placement of the tail a bit if you like!

Step 5

You are almost at the last step of this How to Draw A Pusheen Cat guide! Before that, we need to add a few details. First, you can use two small rounded triangular shapes on the brim of his hat to highlight his ears. So once you have drawn the ears, you can add some details to his sombrero.

We used some jagged lines to create a triangular pattern for the hat, but that’s just one of the many ways you can do it. You could replicate our design or decorate his hat with your designs! This concludes the final details, but before proceeding, you can also add your own details and elements.

Draw A Pusheen Cat

A great idea would be to draw an interesting background for Pusheen. This would be a great way to show what a fun environment he is in! Pusheen Cat loves to eat, so maybe you could draw some treats for her to enjoy.

Step 6

This final step of your Pusheen Cat design is to top it off with eye-catching colors. Pusheen has a more muted color scheme, as it usually appears with a more muted gray color scheme. However, we can counteract this more understated look with his sombrero accessory, so it’s good we added it! Lighter colors for the hat contrast well with its more muted body color.

Pusheen Cat Drawing

If you’ve drawn a background, you can also use some eye-catching colors for those aspects. Once you know what colors you want to use, you can bring them to life with your favorite art mediums and tools. For softer colors, you could use something like watercolors and colored pencils for this look. We can achieve bolder colors with tools such as crayons and acrylic paints.

Your Pusheen Cat Drawing Is Finished!

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