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Kedarkantha trek


Kedarkantha is a 6 day trek in Govind Pashu Vihar National Park in Uttarakhand (6 including trekking days from Dehradun to base camp and back). It is easily one of the most famous treks in India – famous among professionals and beginners alike. Kedarkantha trek difficulty level is moderate to hard.

There are many reasons why this is an absolutely famous trek in the interior of the Himalayas in India. 

The most important of these is to climb to the top. Climbing Kedarkantha peak is worth it. If you start your hike early in the morning and climb the steep slope step by step, the sector will open up around you. The rise is not always smooth. The whole section is steep step by step. When you get to the top, it gets tough. But the massive mountains at the top of the Himalayas will keep you company until you finally reach the top. When you stretch out and see the views of the Himalayas from above, you get a strong experience of pleasure and self-realization. It’s an extraordinary feeling. 

Very few trips offer this kind of adventure, making it famous among beginners as the best peak to climb. Outside the peaks, hiking is also precise thanks to the large open spaces. It is rare to find nice open areas for hiking with room for rest stops and nice campsites. This walk is full of open spaces with different paths. 

In addition, the clearings are in exactly the right places and offer excellent views to realize the hike and its perspectives. The third  biggest goal of this trip is the beautiful forests. All three routes have many different forests to immerse you. If you’re not careful, you could (surprisingly) walk in them. Kedarkantha is such a famous winter trek that it might as well give it its name as it is the queen of winter trek. In winter, the knee-deep snow, the exciting view from the top and the wonderful and smooth roads make it famous among hikers. 

The “Smooth on Endurance” route passes through the dense pine forests of Govind National Park. The views from the top are really worth the 12,500m hike. The Kedarkantha trek has an inimitable view of the cosmic sky, green meadows, snow-covered roads, fascinating villages, fragrant pine forest, sky-high peaks, serene rivers and whispers of mythological stories. 


 Pine-fringed and covered in beautiful snow, Pinto is often considered the most important snow skiing center in the world. Situated at an altitude of 12,500 meters above sea level, this mountain trek in Uttarakhand offers travelers a variety of demanding situations. 

 If you want to enjoy the best of nature and experience a great trip, this winter snow trip is for you. During the trip, you can jump not only on snowy roads, but also through exciting landscape views, rich forests and fields. 

 You want to understand that Kedarkantha Trek Summit is located in Govind WildLife in Uttarkashi National Park. This magnificent peak is surrounded by many picturesque river valleys, this valley is also called the upper valley of Garhwal because of the Mahabharata era along with the remote villages where the villagers live here. 

Best time to visit

 Kedarkantha is considered as the best winter snow trek in India, even beginners can try this Himalayan trek that you want to enjoy at least as per your lifestyle. The best time to try this hike is from the first week of November to the last week of April, here you can look for heavy snowfall. The campsites on this tour are beautiful. All camps are covered with snow after mid November. While every Himalayan trek is unique and recognized for its individual glory. Hiking often offers a dose of nature that you can’t always get in the city, as well as the risk of stretching  mental and physical limits. 

About the trek

Kedarkantha trek is one of those Himalayan treks that aim to witness the glory of nature in its natural form as well. From snowy mountains, inexperienced pastures, frozen lakes to comfortable divine peaks, it offers everything you need as a hiker. Climbing to the top of the trek is very rewarding and positive to bring you great memories. All these views are visible from the starting line of Sankri Base Camp to the summit. If you start your hike early in the morning and climb up the steep hill step by step, you can enjoy wonderful views of nature. KedarKantha is particularly famous as a winter trek that starts from a well-known village called Sankri. This wonderful village is  almost 210 km from Dehradun.