How to Draw A Unicorn Girl Step by step Instructions

Unicorn Girl Drawing

How to Draw A Unicorn Girl. Unicorns are fascinating mythical creatures. What if you could combine the beauty of a girl with the magic of a unicorn? Well, with this complete guide, you can Create Unicorn Girl Drawing And Easy Unicorn Coloring Page!

We have created a step-by-step tutorial on how to draw a unicorn girl summarized in 9 easy steps. Also, each guide has an illustration to make the steps easier to follow!

What are you waiting for? Prepare a selection of paper and a pencil so we can draw concurrently! Don’t forget to bring your favorite coloring materials too! Enjoy, and remember, the sky is the limit of your imagination!

How to Draw A Unicorn Girl

Step 1

Start by drawing a perfect circle shape on the top of the paper. It forms the outline of the unicorn girl’s head. Remember that the outline of the head must be a symmetrical circular shape. Feel free to use a compass to quickly and easily draw a perfect circle.

Make sure the outline of the head is drawn in the right place by creating reference lines. Draw an intersecting horizontal and vertical line on the paper and use it as a guide. The vertical line above the horizontal line marks where you should outline.

Step 2

Draw two curved lines sloping down just below the outline of the head. It forms the unicorn girl’s neck. Next, draw a diagonal line from both endpoints of the curved lines we drew a while ago.

Then close the figure by drawing a horizontal line at the bottom. It creates the torso of the unicorn girl.

Step 3

Structure the skirt just below the girl’s torso. Drawing a skirt is as easy as drawing several standing, connected rectangular shapes without the lines across the top. It creates the folds of the pleated skirt.

Feel free to customize the skirt any way you like! You can add any pattern or design to the skirt fabric to add your style!

Step 4

Draw another layer of fabric with a scalloped hem below the skirt we drew in the previous step. It is how the second layer of fabric is created under the skirt and looks chic!

Step 5

Draw two parallel lines with rounded bottoms on the left side below the skirt. It forms the outline of the left leg and foot. Then draw a curved line near the edge of the foot to shape the shoe. Repeat the identical action on the opposing side to form the right leg and foot, thus achieving the unicorn girl’s pair of shanks and floors.

Step 6

Draw a semicircle on per flank of the torso. It creates the puff sleeves of the top that the unicorn girl is wearing. Next, draw two parallel lines with a pointed end under each sleeve to create the arms and hands. At this point, all four of the girl’s limbs should now be complete.

Step 7

To create the hair, start by outlining the forehead. Next, style all the hair covering the top of your head to your preferred hair length.

You can make the unicorn girl’s hair as long or short as you like! You can tie your hair in a ponytail, braid, or any hairstyle you like!

Don’t forget to add a pointed cone in the middle on top of the hair! It forms the Alicorn, the unicorn girl’s most distinctive physical feature!

Step 8

Draw several parallel diagonal lines across the entire Alicorn. It will create a distinct pattern on Alicorn’s surface, as shown in the image above.

Next, draw a criss-cross pattern down the center of the unicorn girl’s blouse. These form the adjustable cords in the middle of the top and thus complete the girl’s outfit.

Step 9

Draw two standing oval shapes with a small circle on the unicorn girl’s face to form her eyes. Then add shadows to all the eyes, leaving the small circle unshaded. Now sketch curved stripes on the edge of both gazes for the eyelashes.

Draw A Unicorn Girl

Next, draw a small half-circle for the nose and a slightly larger one to put a big smile on the girl’s face. Don’t forget to add more highlights along the hair length! It adds texture to the hair and makes it look lifelike. There you have it: you’ve successfully drawn a unicorn girl!

Step 10

Now it’s finally time for the most exciting part, coloring the girl! What colors you use for the girl is entirely up to you!

Unicorn Girl Drawing

But here’s a helpful tip for coloring girl skin: mix white, yellow, red, and blue colors to create a custom skin tone. Depending on the complexion you are trying to achieve, you may need to add more than one specific color.

We recommend using more than one color, especially for the hair, to make the colors more fun and vibrant! Have fun playing with colors!

Your Unicorn Girl Drawing is Ready!

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